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4 Sessions in one day.. #M365VM

Office 365 Distilled EP 26: With friends in a bar at Christmas

I realize that, when I am writing this, spring is in the air and we are all “snowed in” by the Corona virus. But I still have fond memories of events like this Christmas gettogether, where we get together with friends and talk about the things we hold dear: Christmas, Office 365 and whisky! Great …

Blaming the End User S03e02 – Blaming the Corona WFH Special episode

In this COVID-19 quarantine special episode of Blaming the End-User, different heroes of the Office 365 community sit together virtually over a drink and discuss best practices for WFH. This was a superfun event, where we asked each of our guests for their top tips for #WFH in these Corona days. We also heavily relied …

Link galore after an amazing Ignite 2019

Slides from #SPSBE14: Using SharePoint to go LEAN

Remove and forget external users in Office365

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK 2013

SharePoint bingo

Kickstarter platform for SharePoint to service good ideas

Kickstarter is a hot new social way to get investors warm for your product idea. It markets itself as a “funding platform for creative projects”. Those creative projects can be food, design, fashion, art, comics, games, technology, music, …  The deal is that you design a Kickstarter page,  stating all cool stuff your product would …

SPSUK: slides and demo code for “Start to jQuery”