Welcome to another laid back episode of Office 365 Distilled. Here are the shownotes for this episode, where we talk about how SharePoint has changed over the years, conditional formatting and a very clean japanese whisky.   1:40 Learnings from this week – Highlighted content webpart (3.20) – Baseline governance (7:10) – Agile (7:40) 10:00 … Read more

Welcome to another laid back, chill, distilled conversation about Office 365 and end with a nice irish whiskey! This episode we talk about baseline governance and share what we are doing and pondering about. Contents of Office 365 Distilled ep3 Learnings from this week Microsoft wanting to send end users mails tips and trics (but they … Read more

Welcome to another laid back, chill, distilled conversation about Office 365 and end with a nice Bourbon! We had an awesome turnout for our first episode, over 85 plays! Let us know what your thoughts were about our first episode and this second one in the comments, or talk to us on twitter: @marijnsomers and … Read more

What if you take the 2 things you love in this world? For us, it is Office 365 and its ability to connect collaborative people. Combine that with a nice glass of single malt and you connect collaborative people… Just the location changes. The result is “Office 365 Distilled”! Get 30-40 minutes of Marijn and … Read more

At a customer, we saw an issue with iPads browsing to a site were not arriving at the homepage of the site. they were landing on the site contents page. To fix this issue, you need to disable 2 site features: mobile browsing  minimal download strategy You can do this manually, for all sites necessary. … Read more

I was having a conversation with a client this morning who was concerned around GDPR, which is ofcourse a hot topic now. This client is doing projects together with external consultants and they wanted to get an overview which externals had access to what sites. I couldn’t immediatly find something like that online, so I … Read more

Speaking at SPS Warsaw 2018

March 29th, 2018 | Posted by Marijn in demo | presentation | social - (0 Comments)

After talking about adoption and training for the last few years at a number of SPS events, it is time to get back into the nitty-gritty world of SharePoint. Time to get my hands dirty again in configuration and citizen development! And this time, the topic is something that I love doing for a number … Read more

At a customer we recently created a new script to create project sites. Here is a simplified version of the code, mainly for myself for re-use in the future. Let me start with a disclaimer: I am sure the code could be improved a lot, but I like the simplicity and readability of it. If … Read more

For a current project, I am back to wonderful world of SharePoint 2013 and InfoPath! I was amazed at how easy it all came back and how working and publishing forms could be so easy. Nevertheless, I was confronted with an issue I didn’t know how to resolve. This title might be slightly cryptic so … Read more

Indien je gaat samenwerken met een organisatie die bijvoorbeeld Office 365 gebruikt, dient je email adres een gekend Microsoft account te zijn. Dit kan je heel eenvoudig nagaan, en indien het nog niet gekend is eenvoudig aanmaken. Ga hiervoor naar: https://login.microsoftonline.com (in een incognito scherm), voer je email adres in en klik op “Next”. Indien er … Read more

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