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Showing the whole document name on a SharePoint page

You have been slaving away at getting a page to look just right, with some contents on the page and a list of documents on the right hand side to showcase further reading material. But lo and behold.. SharePoint cuts off the full length of the document name! What? Oh no! This is just another …

Office 365 Distilled EP 38: Cask strength user content with tears

Using PNP Powershell to create a SharePoint list or library view that groups, filters and sorts


4 Sessions in one day.. #M365VM

Make files in a channel read-only in Microsoft Teams

A request I hear a lot when implementing Teams is the ability to make files read-only in certain channels. There is also an uservoice item to request such a feature. Microsoft Teams, with the underlying Microsoft 365 Groups technology works best (in my opinion) if you keep it as simple as possible: You need a …


Storing your document templates in SharePoint

As I was busy creating the shownotes for Office 365 Distilled ep30, I heard Steve (my co-presenter) asking about this document templates feature in SharePoint. I meant to write a blogpost about this sooner but it kind of piled up next to the other 100 ideas I want to write down. So here goes! Announced …

Use color-coding in your Teams Team picture to define types of collaboration

Blaming the End User S03e02 – Blaming the Corona WFH Special episode

In this COVID-19 quarantine special episode of Blaming the End-User, different heroes of the Office 365 community sit together virtually over a drink and discuss best practices for WFH. This was a superfun event, where we asked each of our guests for their top tips for #WFH in these Corona days. We also heavily relied …