Slides for the sessions delivered for SharePoint Saturday Cambridge 2017 Read more

The slides for my session at SPSBE2013: Hhow free tools and add-ons can make a huge difference in how you work with SharePoint with minimal effort. Read more

The swedish consulting firm Crisp posted a cool video on their blog about Agile Product Ownership. Read more

Marc Anderson has released a very nice slideshare presentation on how jQuery is used in SharePoint 2010. Read more

Thanks to the audience and the organisers of SPSUK! It was a blast giving the session on jQuery and SharePoint! You can find the presentation and demo code here

Congratulations! You have been appointed to create the new intranet for the organisation!! Hurah! But how am I going to start on thinking about how I want to structure it? Ellen Van Aken has a great overview of +30 short movies from organisations that show their own intranets. These are not SharePoint movies, but show … Read more

John Mancini has released the slides he gave at the Chicago and Milwaukee chapters of AIIM. He even touches the SharePoint subject (although he is not fore or against it). A must read! | View | Upload your own

Today ( and wednesday again) I gave a one-hour presentation to Multimedia students about the use of SharePoint in large organisations. It was at my old school, PIH in Kortijk. So nice to see the old Aula Minor again, and all the students sitting there, just as I imagined I sat there..Got a few good … Read more

Bart Wessels asks his reader to tell him what they show on a great SharePoint demo ? Well, here is my answer (in dutch): Wat laat ik zien op een sharepoint demoBij het Dolmen team geef ik vaak presentaties voor klanten. De sfeer is altijd gemoedelijk, er worden vaak vragen gesteld om X of Y … Read more

Via LifeHacker I was notified of the hour-long presentation Merlin Mann gave to google employees last week.Slides Videowell, I want to see GMAIL take on that philosophy..I am not quite used to seeing all my email in one folder, just giving them metadata to sort em out…which I do all the time in my outlook…