Now that your organisation has decided to go to SharePoint / Office 365, does that mean that all your users can just go ahead and start working with the new tool? Just like with any other application, your users need training and coaching to make sure they know what they are doing, and that they …
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Meet KIM and TIM

June 11th, 2013 | Posted by Marijn in business | Governance | sharepoint | skills - (0 Comments)

Have you met KIM and TIM already ?
They are the most valuable SharePoint people in your organisation!
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Kickstarter is a hot new social way to get investors warm for your product idea. It markets itself as a “funding platform for creative projects”. Those creative projects can be food, design, fashion, art, comics, games, technology, music, …  The deal is that you design a Kickstarter page,  stating all cool stuff your product would …
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As every year, the Nielsen Norman Group announces what they think is the top 10 of the worlds best intranets. Here are this years winners, tips and tricks
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Regarding my last post on SharePoint skills, I found this list of SharePoint questions build for functional analists (also called IT-pro’s) who are working with SharePoint. Topics include Search, backup, governance, monitoring, service architecture, sandbox solutions, and other questions. Really good list if you are looking to recruite a SharePoint member for your team!

Skills for SharePoint ?

October 18th, 2010 | Posted by Marijn in sharepoint | skills - (0 Comments)

Yorick over at has a good take on necessary skills for a succesfull SharePoint project. With products like Exchange or OCS you just need a technical guy (or gall) to implement and monitor the solution. With SharePoint, we are on a new level.. The skills you need (which means you probably need a team, …
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