No more huge scripts to add rows to your promoted links. Here is an example to do it with just 3 lines CSS. Read more

I am selected to speach at SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2014 on SharePoint and LEAN Read more

A recent addition to my SharePoint free tools list is Boostsolutions. This company offers a wide range of SharePoint solutions.But they also have a “free solutions” list! Read more

The slides for my session at SPSBE2013: Hhow free tools and add-ons can make a huge difference in how you work with SharePoint with minimal effort. Read more

SpServerName is a free, cool codeplex solution that lets you see on what front end server you are working without a bigg hassle. Read more

SharePoint bingo

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Play SharePoint Bingo at your conference with this free Bingo sheet! Read more

On the 27th of april we have SharePoint Saturday Belgium! I will present a session on “Quick wins for your SharePoint platform with free add-ons and tools”. Read more

A money-making idea to use SharePoint as a visual home inventory documentation system that can service insurance companies or vacation home owners. Read more

SPEDUC kick off event

February 14th, 2013 | Posted by Marijn in Balestra | community | events | free | user groups - (0 Comments)

SharePoint is een sterk en knap platform, dat door veel onderwijsinstellingen wordt gebruikt voor allerlei dingen: een intranet, leerlingen begeleiding, samenwerking op projecten,… Maar hoe komt u aan informatie over het platform? Wil u wel best practices delen met andere onderwijsinstellingen? Of eens kijken hoe men het op een ander doet ? Dan nodigen we … Read more

SharePoint 2010 Filtered lookup is a free codeplex project.I just came into contact with it and can’t imagine how I did all my other projects without it Read more