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Link galore after an amazing Ignite 2019

Easy way to display promoted links (tiles) on multiple rows

Boostsolutions offers free SharePoint tools

A recent addition to my SharePoint free tools list is Boostsolutions. This company offers a wide range of SharePoint solutions.But they also have a “free solutions” list!

Find out what frond end server you are using in SharePoint

SharePoint bingo

Home inventory documentation solution on SharePoint

A money-making idea to use SharePoint as a visual home inventory documentation system that can service insurance companies or vacation home owners.

SharePoint 2010 Filtered lookup lets you add a lookup from a site in your collection

Downloadable Content for SharePoint 2013

Playing games as part of your analysis process

Everyone who has been in a meeting or process to develop something new knows that it is hard. You have to be able to do abstract thinking, visualise designs and structures in your mind, be innovative, be constructive. You have to get the viewpoint of your customer, your target audience, the benefits, the hows and …

Intranet Launch video’s and teasers