A quick way to let users open and save ics files instead of having to sync their calendar to Outlook via calculated columns! Read more

The slides for my session at SPSBE2013: Hhow free tools and add-ons can make a huge difference in how you work with SharePoint with minimal effort. Read more

I have copied the pdf versions of the slidedecks to my skydrive account so they can be downloaded all together (instead of 1 by 1 like on the website) Enjoy: http://sdrv.ms/V6L1Re

Everyone who has been in a meeting or process to develop something new knows that it is hard. You have to be able to do abstract thinking, visualise designs and structures in your mind, be innovative, be constructive. You have to get the viewpoint of your customer, your target audience, the benefits, the hows and … Read more

I had the chance these past few weeks to do my first real SCRUM project. My task was, next to a content governance model, to deliver a “Product Backlog”. A Product Backlog is a collection of user stories, ordered by business value and risk. A user what? A user story! What is that ? Well, … Read more

When doing Governance in your SharePoint environment, you might want to keep your sites in check regarding disk space and bandwith. If sites are growing too fast or consume a lot of network traffic, it might be interesting to put them on another farm with faster architecture. But even when you just have 1 farm, … Read more

  One of the key components of online collaboration is the ability to put email attachments to a shared drive with versioning enabled. In Microsofts view, you put this file into a SharePoint document library and just send the link to this file to the people you want to reach. This has 3 major advantages: … Read more

Hi, all.   I just started a new career at a new employer, called Thysia. This organisation, based in Breda (NL), is known for its work connecting Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint, as well as SharePoint and NAV consulting. Most of my work however will be in their Document Management department, where we will be doing … Read more

Via LifeHacker I was notified of the hour-long presentation Merlin Mann gave to google employees last week.Slides Videowell, I want to see GMAIL take on that philosophy..I am not quite used to seeing all my email in one folder, just giving them metadata to sort em out…which I do all the time in my outlook…