There is a big difference between these 2 webparts: there is no advanced mode for the “items matching a tag” webpart! Read more

Hide the SharePoint Search field

February 1st, 2012 | Posted by Marijn in css | customization | search - (0 Comments)

If you want to hide the SharePoint search box on a specific page, you can add a content-editor webpart to the page with following code. Read more

Ever wanted to create your own search result page ? Just to have a layout that looks better, or more tailored to your clients needs. So where do you start ? Well, the code in this blog will show you what xml fields are passed through, so you can xsl-your way around them. Be sure … Read more

Woody Windischman at The Sanity Point has written this great and extremely detailed 2-part “how-to” on the inclusion of a twitter- search scope into your SharePoint search results. I do think this has great value, not only for Twitter items, but also the “twitter-for-companies” Yammer or alike.. You can really add some real 2.0 value … Read more

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