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Showing the whole document name on a SharePoint page

You have been slaving away at getting a page to look just right, with some contents on the page and a list of documents on the right hand side to showcase further reading material. But lo and behold.. SharePoint cuts off the full length of the document name! What? Oh no! This is just another …

Use color-coding in your Teams Team picture to define types of collaboration

grey and blue icons

Microsoft Teams chat grey and blue icons explained

Onboarding people to Teams in these #WFH (Work From Home) times is exciting! I get questions that I haven’t even thought about, or that I just didn’t see. One of those questions is why there are grey and blue icons in the Teams chat. What is the difference and how do I get this icon? …

Adding an Edit button to a modern SharePoint online list item

In classic SharePoint, there was an easy way to show the  “edit” button in a list. If you clicked on it, the edit page would open up. This was a wonderful, easy way to have your users go directly to the edit page of the item. In default SharePoint online, there is a different approach: …

Made easy: formatting columns in SharePoint lists and libraries in design mode

How to work with modern News in classic SharePoint Online sites

You have been working with Office 365 SharePoint sites for some time now. Last year, the whole “modern” SharePoint was presented. You probably have your document libraries and lists set up to use these modern parts. Brilliant! Or maybe your organisation is not yet ready for these new, modern experiences. No worries! But what about …

Limit the amount of newsfeed posts shown in a SharePoint 2013 site

Make promoted links in SharePoint smaller

Hide “Updated pages” in Office 365 wiki

The code to hide “Updated Pages” part on wiki libraries has changed somewhat from older versions of SharePoint. The code now is: Simply add a “Content Editor webpart” on your page. Go the html source and add the following script. The script just hides the block via CSS.

Easy way to display promoted links (tiles) on multiple rows in SharePoint