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Hide the SharePoint ribbon on a page via simple CSS

On some pages I just want to hide the SharePoint ribbon. Right now I am working in a multinational who has a lot of different technologies at their disposal: Fill-in forms all have a very uniform look&feel, no matter what technology is behind it. When you want to make them in SP2010, the SharePoint ribbon …

Free fix for view selection on pages with more then 1 webpart in SharePoint 2010

Hide Recently modified items in SharePoint 2010 wiki

What are you talking about ? In SharePoint 2010, when you are working with a wiki or Site Pages library, a new menu appears on the quick launch navigation telling you which documents were recently modified. That is great to know, but if you are using the library for publishing purposes, your end-users don’t need …

Change the site logo on a webpart page

At a client we designed a custom homepage for their intranet, containing news in categories and a flashy Silverlight picture rotator. We had a problem with the site logo however. On every site the custom logo would appear, but on this page, which was a webpart page, it still showed the old SharePoint logo. In SP …

quick tip: hide the quicklaunch bar in SharePoint 2010

If you want to hide the left quicklaunch bar on a page (for instance the home page of your intranet), you can choose a publishing page with no left bar.

But what if you want to use a webpart page ? Or when you started out with a team site?