An easy way to limit the amount of newsfeed posts shown in a site, in just 2 lines of jquery code! Read more

Social email software provider® recently announced for SharePoint 3.0, the first platform that aggregates collaboration tools and social enterprise networks into a sidebar within Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes®. Designed to remove barriers to user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint® as well as to bring a critical social component to document creation, enables … Read more

  A large list of AIIM content management “8 things” series. Very good read to get up to date on these specific subjects!   8 Things You Also Wanted to Know About SharePoint — But Were Afraid to Ask (2nd edition!) 8 Ways to Control Your SharePoint Infrastructure 8 Things to Consider When it Comes … Read more

The guys over at McKinsey put together a piece about the types of knowledge workers matched to a tagcloud of E2.0 functionalities. The graphic’s multilevel approach to improving collaboration is based on the following steps: 1) classify workers by their workflow profile – the daily activities they do to perform their job 2) match new … Read more

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