The code to hide “Updated Pages” part on wiki libraries has changed somewhat from older versions of SharePoint. The code now is: Simply add a “Content Editor webpart” on your page. Go the html source and add the following script. The script just hides the block via CSS.

Everyone who has been in a meeting or process to develop something new knows that it is hard. You have to be able to do abstract thinking, visualise designs and structures in your mind, be innovative, be constructive. You have to get the viewpoint of your customer, your target audience, the benefits, the hows and … Read more

MIKE stands for Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment and is an Open Source delivery standard for Enterprise Information Management. Read more

What are you talking about ? In SharePoint 2010, when you are working with a wiki or Site Pages library, a new menu appears on the quick launch navigation telling you which documents were recently modified. That is great to know, but if you are using the library for publishing purposes, your end-users don’t need … Read more

myths about company wiki’s

April 14th, 2009 | Posted by Marijn in wiki - (0 Comments)

In this article (webwereld, in dutch) they discuss some myths about company wiki’s:– wikis are enough to motivate employees to contribute– employees know how to contribute– wiki’s produce information that an employee needs Definitely worth reading for anyone who is going to (or already is) implement a company wiki. It also offers great tips on … Read more

Following millions of posts on looking at ROI for enterprise 2.0, ZDNET looks at strategic value that is produced by wiki’s, blogs. They deal with the large issues that are holding the use back (the so called “wait and see attitude”):– the solutions overlap with existing content management solutions– corporate culture – the assets are … Read more