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May 12th, 2014 | Posted by Marijn in collaboration | css | design | wiki

The code to hide “Updated Pages” part on wiki libraries has changed somewhat from older versions of SharePoint.

The code now is:

<style type="text/css">
          display: none;

Simply add a “Content Editor webpart” on your page. Go the html source and add the following script.
The script just hides the block via CSS.

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8 Responses

  • damp272 says:

    One of the most simple tutorials ever. It worked!

  • Aseem says:

    Worked like a charm!

  • Jan says:

    Works – but only with Script Editor Webpart (not the Content Editor)


  • mv says:

    Works fine with script editor! Thanks.

  • Vic says:

    Actually, it worked well with Content Editor, it’s just a little trickier:
    1. Add the Content Editor webpart
    2. Edit the webpart
    3. You’ll see a “Click here to add new content” link within the webpart, place your cursor inside the box as if you were going to type there, BUT…
    4. In the “Format Text” tab, select “Edit Source” in the Markup section
    5. Paste the above code into the blank page and hit OK
    6. Before you close, in the webpart editing menu (on the right side), under Appearance > Chrome Type, select None.

    Thanks for the code, Marijn! Only thing I would still like to see is how to remove the gray line that is now residing above my Quick Launch (which used to separate the Updated Pages list from the QL).

    • Vic says:

      Found it — and to avoid all the steps I mentioned above, do use a Script Editor 🙂

      .ms-quicklaunchouter{ display: none; }
      .ms-core-listMenu-separatorLine { display: none; }

  • Vic says:

    dang it… can’t edit replies… add the “style” lines as mentioned in Marijn’s original code. Sorry for the mess.

  • Belen says:

    It woks for me until I clicked the saved button. After that the menu reappears, and if I open the source, the only iinstructions left are .

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