You can find a lot of blogposts on how to change from http to https, but what changes for your end user? Be aware of these limitations!
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At a client, I was trying to add a solution and got this error in both PowerShell as Stsadm: An object in the SharePoint administrative framework, “SPSolutionLanguagePack Name=0 Parent=SPSolution Name=yoursolution.wsp”, depends on other objects which do not exist.  Ensure that all of the objects dependencies are created and retry this operation. yoursolution.wsp: The Solution installation …
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If you, like me, are not a full blown IT-pro or have other difficulties setting up the Windows Server and SharePoint 2013 Preview (or just no time), you don’t have to!

Here are some free online alternatives!
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Todd Klindt just wrote on his blog a list of recommended service accounts. This list is useful for new SharePoint installations: You can mail the list to the client so they can come up with the accounts before you go in to install.

So, you are ready to install SharePoint 2010 ? You can follow this script by Craig Humpfrey, which gives a lot of good info on the subject and has links to a lot of debugging posts and other good scripts!

At a client I tried to install SharePoint 2010. It could not find my named instance of the database. When I enabled Named Pipes, it worked however. How to enable Named Pipes: – go to your database server – go to the SQL Server Configuration Manager – Go to SQL Server Network Configuration – Protocols …
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