A quick how to on how to hide column titles in various versions of SharePoint with a small piece of css code that you can add in a content editor webpart Read more

Small piece of XSL code to let your Content Query Webpart show a message when it returns no items – for SharePoint 2010 Read more

SpServerName is a free, cool codeplex solution that lets you see on what front end server you are working without a bigg hassle. Read more

Ah, free SharePoint webparts..Not only do you find them on Codeplex, but a lot of partners have some cool parts as well, like Ontolica ! Read more

Working on a dashboard page for users with limited possibilities, I had to disable the close and minimize webpart functionality. Instead of just hiding the functions, I chose to have a minimalistic view and hide SharePoint WebPart header menu dropdown arrow. The webpart header consist of following parts: tr class =ms-WPHeader (which is the header) td … Read more

A coworker just pointed me to Amrein Engineering. This company does SharePoint solutions and offers a number of free webparts with a little ad underneath. You can purchase them for a small fee, like 60 or 75 dollar. A few examples are: – poll – twitter feed – RSS feed – Weather – Google maps … Read more

At a client we designed a custom homepage for their intranet, containing news in categories and a flashy Silverlight picture rotator. We had a problem with the site logo however. On every site the custom logo would appear, but on this page, which was a webpart page, it still showed the old SharePoint logo. In SP … Read more

UPDATE: Find the 2010 version here !! Struggling to find a good way to display a url in a list (output generated by the codeplex listsearch project), I found this solution from PathToSharePoint. Normally, when you use a calculated column to create a dynamic link, you get the full url, like “http://www.test.com?id=9876”, when you want … Read more

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