MIKE 2.0: Open Source standard for Information Management

May 21st, 2012 | Posted by Marijn in 3d party tools | business | Governance | tools | wiki

When you are working on Governance (for SharePoint or any other platform) you can benefit from implementing a standard, such as COBIT, or just use some material that someone else wrote.

As I am now not only working with SharePoint, but also other technologies in Document Management and Portals, I came across another Information Management standard: MIKE 2.0.

MIKE stands for Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment and is an Open Source delivery standard for Enterprise Information Management.

 MIKE2.0 is a comprehensive set of IM Solutions delivered in 5 Phases from Strategy to Operate with a detailed Usage Model based on the SAFE Architecture managed by Information Governance integrated with a Collaborative Community providing free Assets and Accelerators to benefit the Industry and Individuals which has been implemented many times

In short, it has 5 fases:

The first 3 fases create a foundation layer, where you can build upon. The other fases are increments where you can add more functionality and go further in documentation, strategy and deployment improvements.

Ofcourse, a governance policy has to be present in order to fully beneft from the model:

  • Information Management Practices
  • Information Management People/Organisation
  • Information Management Compliance Levels
  • Information Management Policies
  • Information Management Measurement Techniques

An overview:

The MIKE2.0 approach for improving Data Governance goes across all 5 phases of the methodology. The most

critical activities for improving Data Governance are as follows:

 Activity 1.4 Organisational QuickScan

 Activity 1.6 Information Governance Sponsorship and Scope

 Activity 1.7 Initial Information Governance Organisation

 Activity 2.7 Information Governance Policies

 Activity 2.8 Information Standards

 Activity 3.5 Business Scope for Improved Information Governance

 Activity 3.6 Enterprise Information Architecture

 Activity 3.7 Root Cause Analysis on Information Governance Issues

 Activity 3.8 Data Governance Metrics

 Activity 3.11 Data Profiling

 Activity 3.12 Data Re-Engineering

 Activity 5.11 Continuous Improvement – Compliance Auditing

 Activity 5.12 Continuous Improvement – Standards, Policies and Processes

 Activity 5.13 Continuous Improvement – Data Quality

 Activity 5.14 Continuous Improvement – Infrastructure

 Activity 5.15 Continuous Improvement – Information Development Organization

 Activity 5.16 Continuous Improvement – MIKE2.0 Methodology

Other MIKE2.0 Activities are also relevant, but these are particularly focused on Data Governance

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