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Get a list of site users with no code via SharePoint Designer

Just like last time, when we created a list containing the sub sites, we can use the data source and a data view to display all site users that have access to a site. 1)Open the site in SharePoint Designer. 2)Go to the Data Sources block and click on the button SOAP Service Connection 3)Add …

Get subsites of a SharePoint 2010 via jQuery

Open a SharePoint 2010 screen as modal dialog wherever you want via jQuery

My coworker at Belfius just found this cool trick to make your input screens cooler. He pointed me to the blog of Tobias Lekman: You can use the SP.UI.ModalDialog namespace via javascript. What his code does is open a SharePoint 2010 screen as modal dialog: The code Simply point the url to the page you …

Get / Set the SharePoint UI language code via jQuery / Javascript

I was searching around how to get and set the SharePoint UI language for a user (the language of SharePoint when a user is logged in) for a multilanguage project. John Liu helped me out on the msdn forum: To set the language for a user (make sure you have the required language packs installed) – …

Fun and clear movie about SharePoint Governance

The people from 21Apps just released this fun movie. It takes about 6 minutes and it explains the 5 key pillars of SharePoint Governance

Get the value of a SharePoint People Picker field via javascript

The ever handsome and cunning Marc D. Anderson (I felt like giving the man credit, since I use so many of his solutions!!) saved my behind once again with a fantastic javascript!
This time I was looking to find a solution to get the value from a people picker field via jquery.

Why I stopped using BCS and started loving SharePoint Designer DataSource

In Standard Edition SharePoint, you don’t have the BCS Webparts, so you cannot use parameters to query the exact item you need. I only found a way to get the item via a load of all items, and then a filter of those items.
That is when I discovered the Datasources in SharePoint Designer

Enable “Append changes” on multiline textfield in SharePoint 2010

In the default SharePoint “Issue Tracking” list you have the “Comments” field. Every time you add text to it and save the item, it is stored and the current text is added to the previous. You can get the same behavior an ony other multiline textfield in SharePoint 2010 you create. When you create the field, check …

Hit Shift-Enter in a SharePoint multiline text-field to insert a new line instead of two

At my customer, we created a solution where users can fill in some comments in a SharePoint multiline text-field. Unfortunately, every time they entered some lines, they appeared a little bit too far from each other. Looking at the code, SharePoint adds a “p” or double “div”’s around the line. After some testing, the simple …