Here is an excellent overview by”Learning SharePoint“on what the various top level elements on your SharePoint online are and how to hide them if you want to! In short (mostly for my own reference): You can find much more information and code on the website!

A quick how to on how to hide column titles in various versions of SharePoint with a small piece of css code that you can add in a content editor webpart Read more

If you are missing buttons on your SharePoint ribbon, you might want to zoom out to have them magically appear again! Read more

Congratulations! You have been appointed to create the new intranet for the organisation!! Hurah! But how am I going to start on thinking about how I want to structure it? Ellen Van Aken has a great overview of +30 short movies from organisations that show their own intranets. These are not SharePoint movies, but show … Read more

Just encountered the TopSharePoint site on the net. They offer a few free cool SharePoint Publishing themes! Read more

Office 2010 icons

November 19th, 2009 | Posted by Marijn in gui - (0 Comments)

Just found the icons for Office 2010, comes in handy when you are creating some documents on this stuff.

Preview Pane view in SharePoint

April 29th, 2009 | Posted by Marijn in gui | sharepoint - (1 Comments)

Every once and a while I encounter something new in SharePoint (which makes my job even more exciting)..but I didn’t thought I was going to see something new after 2 years!! Woody Windischman blogged about this cool feature: Preview Pane. This is a list view-style you can set up when you add it as a … Read more

This is looking sooooo cool ! 3D tabbed browsing and searching…a real Vista like 3D experience…I just love it!! Too bad the install crashes (prolly because it is still in beta or so?) without any direct reason..It just says “can’t install it” and quits the application..Well, then I’ll just have to try it at home … Read more

A look beneath Microsoft Surface

June 1st, 2007 | Posted by Marijn in design | gui | Microsoft - (0 Comments)

owkeey, we ‘ve al been slammed with Surface, the cool new technology by Microsoft..( if you haven’t heard about it ’till now, go back to Pluto where you belong !) Now Ars Technica has written an article where they explain how it works.. “Ars Technica takes a closer look at Microsoft’s new “Surface” tabletop device. … Read more