The friendly people over at Collaboris shared an infographic on SharePoint settings by level. They released (as a newyears gift I suppose) this really nice chart that shows you all the settings you can make at each level: – farm – web application zone – web application – site collection – site This is crucial if … Read more

The Technet page with downloadable content for SharePoint 2013 has been updated. Read more

What is it? In the 2007 version of SharePoint, Microsoft introduced Content Types: a way to define pieces of information like offers, tasks, procedures, … You could define those Content Types on site collection level (and in sites) and add a template, metadata, workflow and policies. All documents or items created as an instance of … Read more

When doing Governance in your SharePoint environment, you might want to keep your sites in check regarding disk space and bandwith. If sites are growing too fast or consume a lot of network traffic, it might be interesting to put them on another farm with faster architecture. But even when you just have 1 farm, … Read more

On Technet, Margriet Bruggeman started a great page with SharePoint Best Practices. The wiki page links to a lot of blogs containing best practices on performance, planning, deployment, virtualisation, backup, search, upgrade, extranet, … Read more

A question customers ask when we do a new SharePoint implementation is when you choose to create a new site collection or a subsite. Here is a good diagram! Read more

The new book “Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture” by Ruven Gotz is now for sale. The book, by Apress want to give “Proven tools and techniques for architecting successful SharePoint 2010 deployments”.

The book is clearly written from a very practical standpoint (what Ruven has learned all the years he has worked with SharePoint) and is not a deepdive in taxonomy, ontology, ux, .. And it contains a lot of usefull information. Read more

MIKE stands for Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment and is an Open Source delivery standard for Enterprise Information Management. Read more

This SHARE 2012 Governance panel explores the importance of SharePoint Governance within an organization and dive into real world scenarios that the panelists have seen on their journeys within SharePoint projects from both a consultancy and employee perspective. Read more

A popular way to visualize the roles and responsibilities for your governance plan is using a RACI matrix, also known as a “Linear Responsibility chart” or “Responsibility assignment matrix”. Read more

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