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Governance Panel at SHARE 2012

This SHARE 2012 Governance panel explores the importance of SharePoint Governance within an organization and dive into real world scenarios that the panelists have seen on their journeys within SharePoint projects from both a consultancy and employee perspective.

Use a RACI matrix to list roles and responsabilities for your Governance Plan

A popular way to visualize the roles and responsibilities for your governance plan is using a RACI matrix, also known as a “Linear Responsibility chart” or “Responsibility assignment matrix”.

Create a SharePoint Governance Site

When you have SharePoint or any other technology employed as a platform or enabler for your organization, it is important to have governance. This means having a governance board and a governance document. Having this figured out is great, but much more important is communicating about the information you have agreed on. For this purpose , a governance site or site collection could be a great way to both dogfood your platform and inform your employees

How Microsoft does SharePoint Governance for their internal platform

A few months ago, Microsoft IT released a document ( and webcast) that describes the extra effort they took to balance their SharePoint implementation.

Are employees rejecting SharePoint ?(Melcrum internal comms hub – case study)

An article on Melcrum, a networking site on strategic communication challenges, drew my attention via a note on Yammer. They asked 2 communication experts to argue whether or not employees rejecting SharePoint. Sam Marshall, director of ClearBox Consulting Ltd says: Yes – Employees still use email attachments – Team sites are often document graveyards – Low …

Fun and clear movie about SharePoint Governance

The people from 21Apps just released this fun movie. It takes about 6 minutes and it explains the 5 key pillars of SharePoint Governance

SharePoint adoption: Team SLA’s

A post about the idea from Susan Hanley about micro strategies for SharePoint adoption, and how they seem like Service Level Agreements for team members.

What is your SharePoint Business Model: Governance basics

Ben McMann from Tribridge talks in this presentation about the SharePoint Business Model. In my view, any project ( not just SharePoint) should start with making up such a thing. This should be the basis of your governance, the start on why and how you are going to manage things.

Microsoft Productivity Hub is a Quick Win for Training and Governance

The Microsoft Productivity Hub 2010 is a customizable, on-premise training solution for technology products. Developed by RedTech for Microsoft, the Productivity Hub is based on SharePoint 2010. Code for the Productivity Hub’s Sliverlight components and other add-ons can be found here. The Microsoft Productivity Hub can help improve information worker productivity by giving users the …