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  • patman2520 says:

    Hi Marijn,

    I like this concept but do have a question about it
    I am an advocate of not having quotas on your site collection, but information management /retention policies. see http://www.officeandbusiness.be/quota
    Now, in this post you write about a type of information and a storage time.

    Is there any (automated) process (archive, offload to BLOB, delete,…) attached to that storage time or type of inforrmation? And how does this then work?


  • Marijn says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for your response!

    The list in this post (for this client) only acted as a way of communicating those storage times. They are not linked with any functionality, just a representation of legal information.

    Just like you, I don’t like quotas. The automated process that you will install will be on content-type level, which works great in SharePoint. But that information is most likely not communicated clearly to the business users, so they don’t know when certain documents are going to dissapear or how long they need to keep certain information. This list makes up for that.

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