Small piece of XSL code to let your Content Query Webpart show a message when it returns no items – for SharePoint 2010 Read more

I was looking for an easy way to display a list of subsites in SharePoint 2010 and I couldn’t find it. It seemed you could only do that with some webparts or heavy use of custom code. Then I found Michael Wilcox blog who explains how to do it in SharePoint 2007 and I decided to … Read more

The people from Pearson tweeted me if I wanted to do a book review on the Kathy Hughes book on SharePoint Designer, called “SharePoint Designer 2010 Unleashed”. Read more

In Standard Edition SharePoint, you don’t have the BCS Webparts, so you cannot use parameters to query the exact item you need. I only found a way to get the item via a load of all items, and then a filter of those items.
That is when I discovered the Datasources in SharePoint Designer Read more

I have created a new SP2010 aspx page for users to create a new request. When they have filled in the form they should be a redirect to a “thank you” page. I did this via SPD2010, creating a new page with a datasource to the “new” functionality of the request list. So I got … Read more

I got this error at a client this week: SPD2010 worked really good and I was creating workflows ed. Then I changed the authentication provider from Windows to Claims based security (via powershell). Since then, SPD will no longer connect to my SharePoint. IT gives me the following information-level error in the Microsoft Office Alerts … Read more

At work we got a request to help someone out who was configuring a large workflow in SP Designer 2007 for a large BioTech company. We quickly got stuck with the activities that are ootb, but my coworker pointed me to these 2 solutions with extra activities !! 1. SPDActivities on Codeplex by unclepaul84 This … Read more

Asif Rehmani (MVP and trainer) published this really useful post on EndUserSharePoint about SharePoint Designer 2010! He uses 10 highlights to explain that SPD has got a lot of enhancements in this recent edition!! He also has some stuff on video.. The highlights are: 1. New User Experience with Summary Pages, Ribbon and Quick Launch … Read more

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