Woody Windischman at The Sanity Point has written this great and extremely detailed 2-part “how-to” on the inclusion of a twitter- search scope into your SharePoint search results. I do think this has great value, not only for Twitter items, but also the “twitter-for-companies” Yammer or alike.. You can really add some real 2.0 value … Read more

Wiki webpart 2.0

October 8th, 2008 | Posted by Marijn in 3d party tools | sharepoint | web2.0 - (0 Comments)

over at Hezser.de blog, René Hézser has created a great addition to the SharePoint wiki called Wiki webpart 2.0 This webpart tackles with the issue you have with inserting files/images in a SharePoint wiki page: the ootb way is to upload the file, and refer to it on the page. This webpart lets you upload … Read more

Information Design Patterns

July 8th, 2008 | Posted by Marijn in web2.0 - (0 Comments)

http://niceone.org/infodesign/   Great website to learn more about controls and how to show statistics!!

Great project on Codeplex!   What can you do with Podcasting Kit for SharePoint? Listen and watch audio/video podcasts, anywhere on your PC or mobile device (Zune, SmartPhone, or any podcasting device) Share content by producing your own audio/video podcasts and publish them on PKS on your own. Connect and engage with podcasters via your … Read more

Yesterday evening I went to HETPALEIS in Antwerp (my hometown ;)) for a live debate about User-generated content.. Not quite what I expected ( since SharePoint is all about content ;)), yet still it was a lively meeting of great visionaries with a lot of interaction of the crowd.. The panel consisted of:– moderator: Gareth … Read more

Advertising 2.0

April 12th, 2007 | Posted by Marijn in marketing | web2.0 - (0 Comments)

These days I am busy working on a paper with a friend of mine, Sara.She is graduating as a Marketeer and currently doing her internship at Markee in Ghent. She has decided to write the paper about Advertising 2.0…you read it right..2.0:)Ofcourse this has to do with “new media”.. Blogging, wiki’s, podcasts, screencasts..all those web … Read more