Extend SharePoint Designer with custom activities

January 4th, 2010 | Posted by Marijn in 3d party tools | codeplex | sharepoint | sharepoint designer | workflow

At work we got a request to help someone out who was configuring a large workflow in SP Designer 2007 for a large BioTech company.

We quickly got stuck with the activities that are ootb, but my coworker pointed me to these 2 solutions with extra activities !!

1. SPDActivities on Codeplex by unclepaul84

This solutions (which you install as a feature on your server) has following really usefull items (most of which are ootb in 2010):


2. User Profile Activities

This solution (.wsp) has following items on user profiles:

  • Get user title – use it to get the user job title, when you need to route the workflow to different people depending on the originating user, for example.
  • Find manager of the user – it retrieves the Manager property of the specified user profile. The most frequent use of this action would be to set an approval task for the manager of the user.
  • Find display name of the user – it resolves the user display name instead of DOMAIN\username, useful if you combine text in task descriptions or in emails.
  • Find department of the user – use it to route workflows depending on the originating user deparment or to check that the workflow can only be initiated by a specific department, for instance.

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