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Infopath 2013 – mandatory lookup fields in provisioned sites

For a current project, I am back to wonderful world of SharePoint 2013 and InfoPath! I was amazed at how easy it all came back and how working and publishing forms could be so easy. Nevertheless, I was confronted with an issue I didn’t know how to resolve. This title might be slightly cryptic so …

Working offline with InfoPath Filler forms and SharePoint 2010

get the username on an InfoPath 2007 form without code

Smart no code solution to get the current user that is filling in your infoPath 2007 form: You can get the current user by using the build-in function “Username” Drag an Expression box on the form, insert formula – insert function and choose Username. Voila :p via msdn

open an InfoPath directly in browser via a link

On a recent project I had to open an InfoPath form via a link I made on a calculated field. Making the link is not that hard, but it would only give me the choice to open or save the would not make the infopath open itself in the browser. The solution is to …