Office 365 Distilled Ep5.1: Most important questions for a rush greenfield project

December 21st, 2018 | Posted by Marijn in Office365 | podcast

This episode is called 5.1 … Because we had some technical issues on the first one.. Remember boys and girls… Windows Inside Preview is not recommended to run on a production machine 😉
Although.. The good thing is we now have to taste this delicious bourbon once more 😉

We are back from the last conferences of the year: Marijn from Thrive conference and Steve from Warsaw (ShareCon365)

Shout out to SPS Warsaw, which is happening on april 6th, call for speakers is open! Become a part of this awesome community and apply to become a speaker! Trust me, it is a lot of fun!!!

7:05 Most important questions for a rushed greenfield project

The scenario that we talk about is: a part of a company is sold, and a new environment has to be set up.
What are the most important questions that you need to ask if you need to do a rush job on a new environment (greenfield) ?
New domain names, new email adresses, has been taken care off… What about collaboration and document management?

  • Talk to the (business) project sponsor: what is the goal ? What do you want to accomplish ?
  • Stored data: what are the policies around them? Compliance / governance rules in place that you want to keep
  • Make sure the network can handle the load
  • What are the mobile scenario’s ? How can you help out people that are commuting or work on other types of screens?
  • Building an intranet really early? With a communication site?
  • What will be the training plan ? How will you handle user adoption?
  • Migration: will you go with SharePoint or Teams? Or a combination of both ?

35:40 Tasting a bourbon: Woodford Reserve

We are tasting a Woodford Reserve bourbon coming from Versailles, Kentucky. It is a heavy awarded bourbon with over 200 taste notes. Long story short, this is a great winter whisky! Preferably drink it near a woodfire!

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