11 ways to make your SharePoint implementation more user-friendly

October 1st, 2008 | Posted by Marijn in sharepoint

At the “A matter of degree” blog they have an easy to read but important post with tips to make your SharePoint project more user-friendly:

1. Make the banner logo link to the Home page.
2. Remove unused web parts from the Web Parts gallery.
3. Use the Table of Contents web part on empty top-level sites to avoid blank pages.
4. Link directly to a list form without using a too-long URL.
5. Make sure all the content is in the same place on similar pages.
6. Look at the Site Usage Report for your sites.
7. Put default values in list fields (columns) to help validate data.
8. Always add a description. Everywhere.
9. Move items around on the Quick Launch bar so it makes more sense.
10. Add a heading in Navigation.
11. Target some content.

We can surely find 100+ more ways, right? Let me know!

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