Prepopulate fields in SharePoint with Querystring values via Jquery

What are you talking about? Paul Grenier over at EndUserSharePoint discussed in length a lot of great stuff you can do with Jquery and SharePoint. This is one of the really cool things I used at a client: This code is used to prepopulate values you put in the querystring into SharePoint fields. This is …

Amrein Engineering: great source for free webparts

A coworker just pointed me to Amrein Engineering. This company does SharePoint solutions and offers a number of free webparts with a little ad underneath. You can purchase them for a small fee, like 60 or 75 dollar. A few examples are: – poll – twitter feed – RSS feed – Weather – Google maps …

SharePoint 2010 Validation Settings

One of the cool things in SharePoint 2010 for end-users is the validation of columns. In normal applications you can have a validation on a field; examples : – a field number must be between value x and value y that are also on the item – a date must be smaller then another date …

get the username on an InfoPath 2007 form without code

Smart no code solution to get the current user that is filling in your infoPath 2007 form: You can get the current user by using the build-in function “Username” Drag an Expression box on the form, insert formula – insert function and choose Username. Voila :p via msdn

open an InfoPath directly in browser via a link

On a recent project I had to open an InfoPath form via a link I made on a calculated field. Making the link is not that hard, but it would only give me the choice to open or save the would not make the infopath open itself in the browser. The solution is to …

Save 5 to 6 times more time when working with SharePoint ! (using vs. browser)

The people over at Mainsoft have conducted a study over at SP Technology conference in Boston to find out how much faster you can work with SharePoint using their tool The outcome is well worth sharing!!Out of 103 lab-rats, the results are: – It takes an average 61 seconds to upload an email on …

Change the site logo on a webpart page

At a client we designed a custom homepage for their intranet, containing news in categories and a flashy Silverlight picture rotator.¬†We had a problem with the site logo however. On every site the custom logo would appear, but on this page, which was a webpart page, it still showed the old SharePoint logo. In SP …

Service Account recommendations for SharePoint 2007 – 2010

Todd Klindt just wrote on his blog a list of recommended service accounts. This list is useful for new SharePoint installations: You can mail the list to the client so they can come up with the accounts before you go in to install.

quick tip: hide the quicklaunch bar in SharePoint 2010

If you want to hide the left quicklaunch bar on a page (for instance the home page of your intranet), you can choose a publishing page with no left bar.

But what if you want to use a webpart page ? Or when you started out with a team site?

50 SharePoint questions for analists and developers

Regarding my last post on SharePoint skills, I found this list of SharePoint questions build for functional analists (also called IT-pro’s) who are working with SharePoint. Topics include Search, backup, governance, monitoring, service architecture, sandbox solutions, and other questions. Really good list if you are looking to recruite a SharePoint member for your team!