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Office 365 Distilled EP 30: Spaces is the final frontier

Episode 30! Steve is looking ravishing after his man-spa day at Jack the clipper , we are looking at some features across Office 365, giving some tips and tricks on OneNote, cool features in Outlook, Spaces and document templates in SharePoint. The sound is not totally what we wanted. We are recording at Marijn’s place, …

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10 Ideas that prove #WFH doesn’t have to be boring

Playing games as part of your analysis process

Everyone who has been in a meeting or process to develop something new knows that it is hard. You have to be able to do abstract thinking, visualise designs and structures in your mind, be innovative, be constructive. You have to get the viewpoint of your customer, your target audience, the benefits, the hows and …

Working offline with InfoPath Filler forms and SharePoint 2010