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Microsoft Bookings: Saving our health when returning to the office?

Microsoft Bookings, one of the lesser known apps in the Office 365 platform might be a key element in getting back to our daily lives after Covid-19 attacks our health. What is Microsoft Bookings? Bookings allows people to book time with you or coworkers for specific services. You, as a business manager can set up …

Office 365 Distilled EP 9: How technology is ruining our James Bond experience

The last episode before we hit the double digits! For this episode we are still on our rooftop in sunny Barcelona! After a recap on how long we are in this business we dive into how technology is ruining our lives.. At a visit to the Barcelona casino, we saw the good old chips experience …

SkySync syncs files automatically into a unified interface

Try SharePoint 2013 Preview for free via Office365 or Cloudshare

If you, like me, are not a full blown IT-pro or have other difficulties setting up the Windows Server and SharePoint 2013 Preview (or just no time), you don’t have to!

Here are some free online alternatives!