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Organisation benefits of training your users

Meet KIM and TIM

Kickstarter platform for SharePoint to service good ideas

Kickstarter is a hot new social way to get investors warm for your product idea. It markets itself as a “funding platform for creative projects”. Those creative projects can be food, design, fashion, art, comics, games, technology, music, …  The deal is that you design a Kickstarter page,  stating all cool stuff your product would …

Nielsen Norman Group best intranets 2013

50 SharePoint questions for analists and developers

Regarding my last post on SharePoint skills, I found this list of SharePoint questions build for functional analists (also called IT-pro’s) who are working with SharePoint. Topics include Search, backup, governance, monitoring, service architecture, sandbox solutions, and other questions. Really good list if you are looking to recruite a SharePoint member for your team!

Skills for SharePoint ?

Yorick over at has a good take on necessary skills for a succesfull SharePoint project. With products like Exchange or OCS you just need a technical guy (or gall) to implement and monitor the solution. With SharePoint, we are on a new level.. The skills you need (which means you probably need a team, …