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Hide the “created by” and “last modified by” on a SharePoint 2013 dispform with JavaScript

Hide column titles from SharePoint lists and libraries with a small line of CSS

Quick fix: SharePoint 2013 can’t load localized customstrings.js

I got an error stating that the webpart couldn’t find the customstrings.js file at _catalogs/masterpages/display templates/language files/nl-nl/customstrings.js?ctag=xxx

Book Review: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple

SharePoint 2013 free design tool by Microsoft: Color Palette Tool

Microsoft has added a new free tool to its myriad of cool solutions: SharePoint Color Palette Tool. You can download thisĀ  free of charge from the Microsoft Download Center website. What is a Color Palette ? If you have been playing around with SharePoint 2013, you probably saw the new design wizard that lets you …

Downloadable Content for SharePoint 2013

Technical diagrams for SharePoint 2013 Preview

Try SharePoint 2013 Preview for free via Office365 or Cloudshare

If you, like me, are not a full blown IT-pro or have other difficulties setting up the Windows Server and SharePoint 2013 Preview (or just no time), you don’t have to!

Here are some free online alternatives!

Error 1335: while installing SharePoint 2013 Preview on a vm

While trying to install the SharePoint 2013 Preview on my vm-player, I got this error 1335 in Spanish (while I was installing in English)

Bluescreen while installing Windows Server 2012 RC on VM : HAL_initialization failed

While trying to install the Windows Server 2012 RC on my VM-player, I immediatly got this screen: HAL_initialization failed