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Backup (and restore) for SharePoint Online site pages

A customer had created a beautifully designed SharePoint site, complete with all kinds of informative pages containing lots of text and markup. The question now was how they could create a backup of these beautiful pages, in case something went wrong and they needed to restore them again. I know, you shouldn’t have to do …

Adding an Edit button to a modern SharePoint online list item

In classic SharePoint, there was an easy way to show the  “edit” button in a list. If you clicked on it, the edit page would open up. This was a wonderful, easy way to have your users go directly to the edit page of the item. In default SharePoint online, there is a different approach: …

“Allow editing” is grayed out when sharing in SharePoint

Earlier this week I had a head scratching issue from a power user at a customer. The goal was to set up a new library, but when people wanted to share files, the “Allow editing” button was grayed out and not clickable. Wow. That is weird! Even for “specific people”, we couldn’t create a link …

Quick tip: Open msg files quickly from SharePoint Online

It has been a long time since I published a quick tip, but a request from a client got me in happy mode this morning! The request was that every time they tried to open up a msg (.msg or Outlook email message format) it downloaded the file. Then they needed another click to open …

Made easy: formatting columns in SharePoint lists and libraries in design mode

How to work with modern News in classic SharePoint Online sites

You have been working with Office 365 SharePoint sites for some time now. Last year, the whole “modern” SharePoint was presented. You probably have your document libraries and lists set up to use these modern parts. Brilliant! Or maybe your organisation is not yet ready for these new, modern experiences. No worries! But what about …

Let users open a ics file on a SharePoint calendar meeting

Lookup filters in SharePoint works out of the box!

Hide column titles from SharePoint lists and libraries with a small line of CSS

Quick fix: SharePoint 2013 can’t load localized customstrings.js

I got an error stating that the webpart couldn’t find the customstrings.js file at _catalogs/masterpages/display templates/language files/nl-nl/customstrings.js?ctag=xxx