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Office 365 Distilled EP 38: Cask strength user content with tears

Using PNP Powershell to create a SharePoint list or library view that groups, filters and sorts


4 Sessions in one day.. #M365VM

Make files in a channel read-only in Microsoft Teams

A request I hear a lot when implementing Teams is the ability to make files read-only in certain channels. There is also an uservoice item to request such a feature. Microsoft Teams, with the underlying Microsoft 365 Groups technology works best (in my opinion) if you keep it as simple as possible: You need a …


Storing your document templates in SharePoint

As I was busy creating the shownotes for Office 365 Distilled ep30, I heard Steve (my co-presenter) asking about this document templates feature in SharePoint. I meant to write a blogpost about this sooner but it kind of piled up next to the other 100 ideas I want to write down. So here goes! Announced …

Use color-coding in your Teams Team picture to define types of collaboration

Blaming the End User S03e02 – Blaming the Corona WFH Special episode

In this COVID-19 quarantine special episode of Blaming the End-User, different heroes of the Office 365 community sit together virtually over a drink and discuss best practices for WFH. This was a superfun event, where we asked each of our guests for their top tips for #WFH in these Corona days. We also heavily relied …

Backup (and restore) for SharePoint Online site pages

A customer had created a beautifully designed SharePoint site, complete with all kinds of informative pages containing lots of text and markup. The question now was how they could create a backup of these beautiful pages, in case something went wrong and they needed to restore them again. I know, you shouldn’t have to do …