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Use PnP Powershell to add a document library webpart to a page (and only show a specific folder)

Using PNP Powershell to create a SharePoint list or library view that groups, filters and sorts

Backup (and restore) for SharePoint Online site pages

A customer had created a beautifully designed SharePoint site, complete with all kinds of informative pages containing lots of text and markup. The question now was how they could create a backup of these beautiful pages, in case something went wrong and they needed to restore them again. I know, you shouldn’t have to do …


Add an external user to multiple sites (via PowerShell)

I have a customer that works a lot with external experts. Every project is a new SharePoint site, and contains multiple external experts. And, that is how life goes, these people tend to change email address from time to time. As a governance rule, we want these experts to stay in touch with their past …


NavigationNode Id’s for PnP PowerShell in SharePoint

Fix issue with iPads not landing on SharePoint homepage

At a customer, we saw an issue with iPads browsing to a site were not arriving at the homepage of the site. they were landing on the site contents page. To fix this issue, you need to disable 2 site features: mobile browsing  minimal download strategy You can do this manually, for all sites necessary. …


Basic PnP Powershell SharePoint Site Collection creation script

At a customer we recently created a new script to create project sites. Here is a simplified version of the code, mainly for myself for re-use in the future. Let me start with a disclaimer: I am sure the code could be improved a lot, but I like the simplicity and readability of it. If …