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How Microsoft does SharePoint Governance for their internal platform

A few months ago, Microsoft IT released a document ( and webcast) that describes the extra effort they took to balance their SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples pack

Microsoft released a pack containing 101 code samples for SharePoint 2010 on MSDN.
Download the SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples here

SharePoint technical diagrams ( are really quite functional)

I knew Microsoft made SharePoint technical diagrams on development and architecture, but I had no idea they also published some more functional diagrams!

Reference Architecture for Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange Migrations

On the blog pages of Peter De Haas, I ‘ve found a link to this document by Microsoft: This document presents a difference architecture process that creates a high-level reference architecture for a Lotus Domino to Microsoft technologies migration. You can use this document as a framework/reference point to build out a solution as you …