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Nielsen Norman Group best intranets 2013

Create a MySite for all your users via PowerShell for SharePoint 2010

I was looking around to find a script that could provide all users from the organisation with a mysite. Luckily, it didn’t take me very long to find Bugra Postaci’s blog! He wrote this nice script: He also has a script to delete mysites 😉

Intranet Launch video’s and teasers

Very cool intranet from ITGroove

jQuery Cycle plugin for an easy to code picture slider

why bother with costly external picture sliders or Silverlight scripts that have to be developed and deployed when you can simply use jQuery Cycle plugin?

Open non-office files in SharePoint 2010

Since we made the move to SharePoint 2010, we had some issues (both technical and functional) with the implementation. One of those issues was that our PDF documents could not open in a webpage. We just got the option to save the document, but not open it! Todd Klindt just wrote a solution for this issue …

Fantastic 40 templates on SharePoint 2010

IBF paper on managing news on your intranet

IBF (intranet benchmarking forum) has released a paper on how to manage the news on your intranet. “Driven in large part by their experience on the Web, employees want up-to-the-minute information delivered in a lively, innovative and credible fashion. Employees want useful information, and they want it now. What’s more, they want to be able …

Article on Nine Mistakes That Turn Your Corporate Intranet into a Ghost Town

A good article on common mistakes that keeps your employees away from your intranet, by Martin Amm (CEO and one of the founders of adenin TECHNOLOGIES: 1)Assuming a one-size-fits-all home page will meet everyone’s needs. Give the users news that is for specifically for them. 2)Creating a one-way communication platform. Make it easy for users …