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Create a SharePoint Governance Site

When you have SharePoint or any other technology employed as a platform or enabler for your organization, it is important to have governance. This means having a governance board and a governance document. Having this figured out is great, but much more important is communicating about the information you have agreed on. For this purpose , a governance site or site collection could be a great way to both dogfood your platform and inform your employees

How Microsoft does SharePoint Governance for their internal platform

A few months ago, Microsoft IT released a document ( and webcast) that describes the extra effort they took to balance their SharePoint implementation.

Are employees rejecting SharePoint ?(Melcrum internal comms hub – case study)

An article on Melcrum, a networking site on strategic communication challenges, drew my attention via a note on Yammer. They asked 2 communication experts to argue whether or not employees rejecting SharePoint. Sam Marshall, director of ClearBox Consulting Ltd says: Yes – Employees still use email attachments – Team sites are often document graveyards – Low …

Fun and clear movie about SharePoint Governance

The people from 21Apps just released this fun movie. It takes about 6 minutes and it explains the 5 key pillars of SharePoint Governance

SharePoint adoption: Team SLA’s

A post about the idea from Susan Hanley about micro strategies for SharePoint adoption, and how they seem like Service Level Agreements for team members.

What is your SharePoint Business Model: Governance basics

Ben McMann from Tribridge talks in this presentation about the SharePoint Business Model. In my view, any project ( not just SharePoint) should start with making up such a thing. This should be the basis of your governance, the start on why and how you are going to manage things.

Microsoft Productivity Hub is a Quick Win for Training and Governance

The Microsoft Productivity Hub 2010 is a customizable, on-premise training solution for technology products. Developed by RedTech for Microsoft, the Productivity Hub is based on SharePoint 2010. Code for the Productivity Hub’s Sliverlight components and other add-ons can be found here. The Microsoft Productivity Hub can help improve information worker productivity by giving users the …