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Now a certified AIIM Certified Information Professional

Everyone in the IT industry knows how important certifications are. Especially consultants and those in the services game know that customers like to have some kind of paper in their hands that can state how good the person is. That is one of the reasons I took the exam as a Certified Information Professional.

Working offline with InfoPath Filler forms and SharePoint 2010

Content Type Hub limitations in SharePoint 2010

Large list of AIIM “8 things”

  A large list of AIIM content management “8 things” series. Very good read to get up to date on these specific subjects!   8 Things You Also Wanted to Know About SharePoint — But Were Afraid to Ask (2nd edition!) 8 Ways to Control Your SharePoint Infrastructure 8 Things to Consider When it Comes …

Is ECM moving towards output-management ? (in dutch)

I found an interesting item in my RSS feeds today: Hans Dickerscheid, independent advisor and owner of DaDoLog Consultancy & Interim Management wrote an article on about ECM and the move towards output-management (in dutch). In short, the keypoints he adresses are: – in recent past, focus was on the incoming items: all paper …