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Office 365 Distilled EP 31: Large Files, SharePoint Hybrid fail and New Orleans


Storing your document templates in SharePoint

As I was busy creating the shownotes for Office 365 Distilled ep30, I heard Steve (my co-presenter) asking about this document templates feature in SharePoint. I meant to write a blogpost about this sooner but it kind of piled up next to the other 100 ideas I want to write down. So here goes! Announced …

Office 365 Distilled EP 27: MS Teams, onions and climbing Everest

Steve and Marijn get their best French out, while they talk about the 27 club, french onions and a french whisky. Steve talks about his OneDrive migration project, where they let the end users do the manual lifting (and getting rid of everything that is not moved). Marijn talks about re-engineering a business process with …

“Allow editing” is grayed out when sharing in SharePoint

Earlier this week I had a head scratching issue from a power user at a customer. The goal was to set up a new library, but when people wanted to share files, the “Allow editing” button was grayed out and not clickable. Wow. That is weird! Even for “specific people”, we couldn’t create a link …

Difference between “Items matching a tag” and “Content Search” webpart

Hide the “created by” and “last modified by” on a SharePoint 2013 dispform with JavaScript

Now a certified AIIM Certified Information Professional

Everyone in the IT industry knows how important certifications are. Especially consultants and those in the services game know that customers like to have some kind of paper in their hands that can state how good the person is. That is one of the reasons I took the exam as a Certified Information Professional.

SkySync syncs files automatically into a unified interface

InfoSecurity study shows that two-thirds of SharePoint users have no security policy

In a study conducted by InfoSecurity-magazine and Emedia and sponsored by Boldon James results show that “shocking two-thirds of SharePoint-using companies in a recent survey have admitted to having ‘no active security policy’ in place for the application”. In the study they contacted a wide range of business from -25 users to +5000 users. Half of those …

Freemind: Awesome tool to mindmap and analyze filestructures