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Intranet Launch video’s and teasers

Very cool intranet from ITGroove

Open a SharePoint 2010 screen as modal dialog wherever you want via jQuery

My coworker at Belfius just found this cool trick to make your input screens cooler. He pointed me to the blog of Tobias Lekman: You can use the SP.UI.ModalDialog namespace via javascript. What his code does is open a SharePoint 2010 screen as modal dialog: The code Simply point the url to the page you …

Turn off the warning on IE6 browsers for SharePoint 2010 sites

Some large organisations might still use older browsers, like IE6 browsers for SharePoint 2010. If you open a SharePoint 2010 page in those browsers, you will get a popup saying that “Your browser will have problems displaying this web page”. This blog has the answer on how to turn off that warning message: The masterpage …


Hide SharePoint WebPart header menu dropdown arrow and selection checkbox

Working on a dashboard page for users with limited possibilities, I had to disable the close and minimize webpart functionality. Instead of just hiding the functions, I chose to have a minimalistic view and hide SharePoint WebPart header menu dropdown arrow. The webpart header consist of following parts: tr class =ms-WPHeader (which is the header) td …

Hide the SharePoint Search field

If you want to hide the SharePoint search box on a specific page, you can add a content-editor webpart to the page with following code.

How to format numbers with commas in SharePoint Dataview (using decimal-format functionality)

In a dashboard project we had to display certain valuta fields that came from a SQL-SERVER table.Those fields had following formatting: 139367709,8800 0,00000,00 51345998,3700 The goal was to display them as European style valuta: 139.367.709,88 0,00 51.345.998,37 To format those numbers to numbers with commas in SharePoint Dataview I used the xslt format-number() function Result was empty …

Remove original message from a SharePoint discussion forum reply via jquery

Someone on the MSDN forum asked how to remove the original message when replying to a thread.
That smelled like a jquery job to me!!Here is the code.

Set the width of multiple lookup fields in SharePoint via jQuery

Hide the SharePoint 2010 Search box via CSS

Every page in SharePoint has a search box on the right upper side. If you want to hide the SharePoint Search box on one page, add a Content editor webpart with following CSS.