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Office 365 Distilled EP 48: A suspicious weasel and our Christmas wish list

Office 365 Distilled EP 47: Michelangelo and the 5 steps to collaboration

How do we collaborate? Our career is about giving people the tools to collaborate, so how do we do this? What are the characteristics of collaboration? In this episode, we go back to the basics! Collaboration vs voyeurism When you co-author a document, are you just being nosy and a voyeur, a Big Brother that …

Turning on the Project Moca (aka Outlook Spaces) preview

I was super excited when I saw the under the wraps beta for Outlook Spaces earlier in february 2020, when on twitter WalkingCat described the existence of the new app. I had a chance to play with it and we featured it on our #Office365Distilled podcast, so did Luise Freese here and Ragnar Heil here. …

Use color-coding in your Teams Team picture to define types of collaboration

Link galore after an amazing Ignite 2019

How to work with modern News in classic SharePoint Online sites

You have been working with Office 365 SharePoint sites for some time now. Last year, the whole “modern” SharePoint was presented. You probably have your document libraries and lists set up to use these modern parts. Brilliant! Or maybe your organisation is not yet ready for these new, modern experiences. No worries! But what about …

Let users open a ics file on a SharePoint calendar meeting

Hide “Updated pages” in Office 365 wiki

The code to hide “Updated Pages” part on wiki libraries has changed somewhat from older versions of SharePoint. The code now is: Simply add a “Content Editor webpart” on your page. Go the html source and add the following script. The script just hides the block via CSS.

Lookup filters in SharePoint works out of the box!

Kickstarter platform for SharePoint to service good ideas

Kickstarter is a hot new social way to get investors warm for your product idea. It markets itself as a “funding platform for creative projects”. Those creative projects can be food, design, fashion, art, comics, games, technology, music, …  The deal is that you design a Kickstarter page,  stating all cool stuff your product would …