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Change width of a SharePoint rich text editor (textarea field – multiline text)

A coworker wanted to change the width of a textarea on a new-form. This is, as it turns out, not so easy.
The textarea is a complex component, containing lots of other components.

Get subsites of a SharePoint 2010 via jQuery

Open a SharePoint 2010 screen as modal dialog wherever you want via jQuery

My coworker at Belfius just found this cool trick to make your input screens cooler. He pointed me to the blog of Tobias Lekman: You can use the SP.UI.ModalDialog namespace via javascript. What his code does is open a SharePoint 2010 screen as modal dialog: The code Simply point the url to the page you …

Get / Set the SharePoint UI language code via jQuery / Javascript

I was searching around how to get and set the SharePoint UI language for a user (the language of SharePoint when a user is logged in) for a multilanguage project. John Liu helped me out on the msdn forum: To set the language for a user (make sure you have the required language packs installed) – …

5 tips for more efficient jQuery selectors at sitepoint

The people at Sitepoint just posted this great post about writing more efficient jQuery selectors.

Get or set a SharePoint multiline textfield via jQuery

If you want to get or set a SharePoint multiline textfield in SharePoint via jQuery it is no big deal. Just use this code: Set a SharePoint multiline textfield Get a SharePoint multiline textfield

Prepopulate fields with the SharePoint Form Field Assistant

I have already covered a great script by Paul Grenier about how to prepopulate fields in SharePoint forms with values from the url.
Christian Dehaeseleer from U2U told me this morning about another codeplex project from Paul Grenier that is called the “Form Field Assistant”.

Set a SharePoint people field with jQuery

When I talked about how to update fields in SharePoint, I was talking about the easy stuff: input fields and stuff. Now, I wanted to update / set a SharePoint people field on my form. I did some googling and found a solution by Marc D. Anderson (in my opinion he is THE authority on sharepoint …

Remove original message from a SharePoint discussion forum reply via jquery

Someone on the MSDN forum asked how to remove the original message when replying to a thread.
That smelled like a jquery job to me!!Here is the code.