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Using PNP Powershell to create a SharePoint list or library view that groups, filters and sorts

Adding an Edit button to a modern SharePoint online list item

In classic SharePoint, there was an easy way to show the  “edit” button in a list. If you clicked on it, the edit page would open up. This was a wonderful, easy way to have your users go directly to the edit page of the item. In default SharePoint online, there is a different approach: …


Add an external user to multiple sites (via PowerShell)

I have a customer that works a lot with external experts. Every project is a new SharePoint site, and contains multiple external experts. And, that is how life goes, these people tend to change email address from time to time. As a governance rule, we want these experts to stay in touch with their past …


NavigationNode Id’s for PnP PowerShell in SharePoint

Limit the amount of newsfeed posts shown in a SharePoint 2013 site

Make promoted links in SharePoint smaller

Issue with javascript / jquery not firing on a SharePoint 2013 page or masterpage?

Excellent overview on hiding Office365 top elements with javascript

Here is an excellent overview by”Learning SharePoint“on what the various top level elements on your SharePoint online are and how to hide them if you want to! In short (mostly for my own reference): You can find much more information and code on the website!

Change the Title of a SharePoint 2013 site with JavaScript

Hide the “created by” and “last modified by” on a SharePoint 2013 dispform with JavaScript