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MIKE 2.0: Open Source standard for Information Management

Download free SharePoint Publishing themes at TopSharePoint for SharePoint 3.0 has got new social features

Social email software provider® recently announced for SharePoint 3.0, the first platform that aggregates collaboration tools and social enterprise networks into a sidebar within Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes®. Designed to remove barriers to user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint® as well as to bring a critical social component to document creation, enables …

Free fix for view selection on pages with more then 1 webpart in SharePoint 2010

Save 5 to 6 times more time when working with SharePoint ! (using vs. browser)

The people over at Mainsoft have conducted a study over at SP Technology conference in Boston to find out how much faster you can work with SharePoint using their tool The outcome is well worth sharing!!Out of 103 lab-rats, the results are: – It takes an average 61 seconds to upload an email on …

Bamboo solution: import and export a wiki

In a previous project, one of the stakeholders wanted to create his manuals in a wiki environment. The dynamic behaviour of the SharePoint wiki was just the thing he needed.. There was just a big “but”: half of the employees were people who were not sitting behind a pc, but working on machines. For those …

Harmony from Mainsoft: mail your email attachments via SharePoint easier

PDF icon on SharePoint: easy codeplex setup

I used this codeplex project at a client this week: a very easy way to install the PDF logo on a SharePoint Server. Simple “next-next-finish” type of installation, saves you some time. For a detailed explanation on how to add the icon manually, click here.

Extend SharePoint Designer with custom activities

Integrate MS Project files into SharePoint

A question that does rise from time to time (especially from Project Managers or Management) is the ability to display MS Project files into SharePoint. After all, SharePoint does integrate MS Office files very nicely, so it must be very easy to do this as well ? Well, no, not at first sight..but you do …