Microsoft Bookings: Saving our health when returning to the office?

Microsoft Bookings, one of the lesser known apps in the Office 365 platform might be a key element in getting back to our daily lives after Covid-19 attacks our health.

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Bookings allows people to book time with you or coworkers for specific services. You, as a business manager can set up these services, the time they take up and the price. You can set opening hours, staff members to book a meeting with and more. Examples for such businesses from Microsoft include financial services, hair salon and home services.

Microsoft Bookings has 2 major parts:
– Booking page (that you can embed in your website or on Facebook)
– Backend system that lets you view appointments, set work hours for which staff, specify services and their prices

How can Microsoft Bookings help my organisation to return to the office?

On our Blame the End User – Corona edition, we already gave a lot of tips on how to stay sane while working from home.

Now that we can start to go back to the office (and the hairdresser) again, Bookings is there to help us out. Let’s take a look at 3 scenarios I encountered last week.

Retirement home: Schedule meetings with residents

A retirement home that was struck with Corona had to close the doors to outside visitors. Because their residents have a high danger of mortality because of the virus, measures were taken for their rooms without any visits from loved ones. Now that the doors open up again, only 3 visitors at the same time are allowed in the building in order to keep the minimum distance rules.

Visitors use Microsoft Bookings to book a visitation at a certain day and hour. The staff in the app is replaced by one of three rooms where they can meet. Now, nurses and personnel can focus on the residents and not have to be on the phone all the time to manage appointments.

No more waiting lines at the hairdresser

As hairdressers were forced to close and peoples hair still growing longer… there is a big waiting list and line for their services.

In order to keep everyone happy and not needlessly out and around, Bookings can let customers book time with the hairdresser.

Conquer the (work) island

Returning to the office means being able to keep the minimal distance regulations at all times. Next to all kinds of rules, entrances and exits, the space indoors is regulated as well.

A customer with a few islands that could normally seat 4 people, can now seat 1 person per island. Via Bookings we build a page where personnel books such a work island for halve a day (as Staff). This way they can go back to the office (and use the printer) and be safe at the same time.

What are your examples of going back to the office after the corona lockdown?

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