Microsoft Teams chat grey and blue icons explained

grey and blue icons

Onboarding people to Teams in these #WFH (Work From Home) times is exciting! I get questions that I haven’t even thought about, or that I just didn’t see. One of those questions is why there are grey and blue icons in the Teams chat. What is the difference and how do I get this icon? You don’t have to be a Service Adoption Specialist to answer that one!

When you have a meeting in Teams, a new entry appears in the chat window. After a while, there are a number of items in there and some appear in another icon color then the others. What’s up with that?

Some icons are blue, some are grey.

When you are having a new meeting, the meeting icon is blue.
After the meeting, you will probably go out of the meeting by clicking the red telephone icon. That doesn’t mean your meeting is over. The meeting chat will live on in the chat part of Teams. This way, you can still see all the chatter that goes on in the meeting even after you have left.

Why would you mute a meeting chat?

Some people find this annoying: A customer of mine has the process that secretaries book all the project meetings. They will not be part of the actual meeting, but they have the task of negotiating a good meeting date, inviting everyone and make sure they are present. The issue for them is that they see the meeting chats pop up while the meeting is happening.

A solution for that is to mute the meeting. This way, pop ups and notification icons will not appear for them. Talk about mental tranquility!

Click the … next to the meeting and choose “Mute”

When you click on the Chat icon in the left rail of Teams, you will see all your recent chats and your meetings. When a meeting is going on, and you don’t want to see those popups and other icons appearing, just click the … next to the meeting and choose “Mute”.

The meeting icon will not appear in grey

At this moment you will not receive notifications from the meeting anymore. The icon will change into a grey one indicating that the meeting chat is muted. You can still see the chat when you go to the meeting chat: new messages will keep appearing there. If you really want to get out – out of the meeting (and no longer see new messages), you have the option to “Leave” the meeting.

Leave the meeting to really exit the meeting.

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