Link galore after an amazing Ignite 2019

Wow.. Just wow. Another Ignite is in the books. And with that, a tsunami of information hits the world. Where to start first? Here are some links to help you manage!

Watch all Ignite sessions online, when you want

To start, here is the session catalog where you can browse or search for sessions and watch them whenever you want

Download all Ignite videos and PowerPoint presentations

Download all videos and PowerPoint presentations via this PowerShell script here, created by Michel de Rooij , a script I have been using for years to get a copy of all the content:

Even if you weren’t at Ignite, or didn’t buy a pass, you can still get all the goods!
I use this line of code to get all the powerpoints (about 30 GB now, with only 800 of the 2000 sessions uploaded):

.\Get-EventSession.ps1 -DownloadFolder C:\Ignite2019 -NoVideos

Run this every now and again to check for new content.
If you only want to download Microsoft Teams content for example, use this line:

 .\Get-EventSession.ps1 -DownloadFolder C:\Ignite2019\Teams -Keyword 'Teams'

Free exam

If you were at Ignite, you have probably noticed that you could do a certified exam right there. I took the opportunity to take a free swing at the MS-300 (and passed, thank you very much). Don’t worry if you didn’t get the change to do one, because Microsoft is offering all attendees a free exam

Roadmap slides

Just like last year, the awesome Susan Hanley took the time to gather the roadmap slides and combine them into one presentation. Yes, we used the one from 2018 in our podcast right here.
You can find the presentation here

What is new for Teams

You can find the overview blogpost here:

Learning Paths are role-based recommendations at Microsoft Ignite. Choose from the below Learning Paths, made up of 5 sequencing sessions – that include not only breakout and theater session resources but also includes recommended labs, certification exams, hands-on workshops, shared experiences like the Immersion Zone and links to valuable resources for your continued learning.
If you click on details, you can also directly view the session from your browser.

One of the biggest announcements this Ignite for Teams was Private Channels, you can find an excellent infographic about private channels here created by Marcel Alberts. If that doesn’t do the job, read this well documented survival guide by Vesa Nopanen.

What is new for SharePoint

Here is an overview of the latest releases for SharePoint.

Project Cortex

Everyone was wowed by the new knowledge management tool based on SharePoint, named Project Cortex.
This automated (steered by Graph) way of capturing knowledge and bringing it together on topic pages is going to be a big one going forward!!
More on project Cortex here.

The year of Yammer

You can find the official announcement here.

Marcel Alberts also made a nice infograph on this one.

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