SharePoint 2013 End User changes when moving to ‘https’

When your company decides to make the shift from http to https, make sure you communicate to your site owners that some things will break. A customer just did the change over the weekend and immediatly some issues are popping up:

OneNote files on SharePoint will stop syncing to your OneNote desktop application (for every user)

Probably, more then 1 end user is using the build-in functionality to store OneNote files on their team site, while working on it in the application. This way of working has a lot of amazing functionalities, like off-line working or dragging/dropping images and documents on a page.

When and end user has synced this file, going from http to https will break the connection. Be aware, this needs to be solved for every user who has done this!

There are 2 ways of solving this issue:

  1. Closing the notebook in OneNote and reopen it via the site (this only works when your user hasn’t made any offline corrections)
  2. Changing the location of your OneNote file from your OneNote application

Calendar overlays will stop working

Calendar overlays, the popular way to add some colors on categories in your teamsite calendar also works with fixed url’s. This has to be adjusted manually, fortunately just once per team site and not per user.

Go to the calendar, open the overlay settings and add the ‘s’ character on the web url link. Click on “Resolve” to load the list of calendars and choose your view. Do this for every overlay you have created.

Be aware that you if you added the overlay on your homepage or another page, you also need to change the overlay url there!

The error message on the calendar overlay screen
The error message on the calendar overlay screen

Links via iframes to http content will require an extra step

Linking from a https to http connection, will require your end user to do an extra validation step. This will appear in something like “are you sure you want to enable unsecure content”.

Browser notification when http links are shown
User browser notification when http links are shown

Search impacted

Make sure you test out your search results.


Note boards

SharePoint note boards are not used that often, but from time to time I encounter one of them. These also suffer from the migration to https.

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