WooRank: amazing SEO checker!

A lot of people I know have a blog or website these days. They spend a lot of time writing long blogposts and taking pictures to amuse their readers. But if you want to be more professional about it, you need tools to check how you are doing. WooRank is such a tool.


What WooRank does is review your website / blog on numerous aspects:

– top priorities you need to address

– visitors and traffic estimations

– Mobile

– Usability

– Security

– SEO Content

– SEO Links

– SEO Backlinks

You can also add other sites (from competitors) to check how your website does against them.

How do I start with a website review ?

I could tell you, but a movie says more than 27 images per second (and 100 words):

WooRank Reviews from WooRank on Vimeo.

So, how does it look? Well, here are some screenshots on my website review.

Screenshot (50) Screenshot (54) Screenshot (51) Screenshot (52) Screenshot (53)

Free online marketing training

Another very interesting FREE (!!) service WooRank offers is a 30 week online marketing training.
Just sign up and every week you get 1 email focusing on 1 actionable task that can be completed in 1 hour.


How about some competition ? On january 17 2013 I had a WooRank score of  59.3.

Who does better in the SharePoint community ? Let me know !

Try it out here:

Free SEO review by WooRank

Balestra Blog review

On my scan I saw my 5 points for improvement:

– Write more content
– Promote your website on Social Media
– Be more consistent with your keywords
– Speed-up your website
– Write additional content with more keywords



About: Marijn

Marijn Somers (MVP) has over 14 years experience in the SharePoint world, starting out with SP2007. Over the years the focus has grown to Office 365, with a focus on collaboration and document management. He is a business consultant at Balestra and Principal Content Provider for "Mijn 365 Coach" that offers dutch employee video training. His main work tracks are around user adoption, training and coaching and governance. He is also not afraid to dig deeper in the technicalities with PowerShell, adaptive cards or custom formatting in lists and libraries. You can listen to him on the biweekly "Office 365 Distilled" podcast.

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